About Me

All what you want to know about me, and more besides

Why people choose Me

I embody the ‘technical’ in technical writer. With an extensive and eclectic background in PC and peripheral support, troubleshooting, and repair, as well as several years in hardware and software development-cycle testing, I have a proven ability to learn, adapt to, and cogently communicate new technologies.

I have over a decade of documentation experience with target audiences ranging from database administrators of the largest supercomputer systems in the world, to elderly grandmothers trying to set up a printer for the first time. I can be as simple and concise or as technical and detailed as your customers require.

Content design 89%

HTML 100%

CSS 84%

jQuery 77%

Flare 92%

Mike is an extremely talented technical writer and information developer. This is evident in the content he produces. It is also important to point out that Mike is an expert user of various tools, including MadCap Flare. He loves to roll up his sleeves, dig into code, and make Flare absolutely sing in ways you never knew it could. He also has an amazing ability to train and educate writers on all the amazing things MadCap Flare can do, and is always eager to pass on tips and tricks. He is someone that can hit the ground running, and someone that can quickly take your documentation projects to the next level.

Jennifer Morse – Product Evangelist

I've worked with Mike Kelley for the last year and he has been a great partner. Mike is very thoughtful and thorough and really takes the time to understand the true customer need. Mike is innovative and treats challenges as opportunities to find a better way. In the last 6 months Mike has used this approach to positively impact the way our customers access product information making it much easier and more intuitive for a variety of customer personas to find the information they need for their specific role.

Mike Harwell – Principal Product Manager

I have worked with Mike for a couple of years now on a number of GTM projects and have been impressed with his technical writing skill, attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to the project deadlines. He is an amazing technical writer, with a passion for improving the customer experience, and always delivers above and beyond expectations. Mike is an excellent asset to any organization.

Ryan Nelson – Partner Manager

Meet Me

The Tech Writing Ninja himself

I was born on a cold, snowy day in nineteen-hundred eighty. Lots of boring stuff later I got married, had kids, grew a red beard, and learned some things that may be of value to you. What else would you like to know? If I don't cover all your burning questions, you can send me an anonymous message on my Contact page.

What's with the rotund ninja?

Hey! He's not rotund, he's just... vertically challenged. Look, have you ever tried to distill your whole life and all your experience down to one, flat, single-color logo? It's hard. I ended up going with the HTML brackets because I love working in HTML and CSS, and the ninja because ninjas are WAY better than pirates.

Is it GIF or JIF?

It's GIF and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Just how badly do you hate image maps, anyway?

Badly enough that I spent a ton of time creating a whole new method of interacting with images

Do you use your beard for good, or for awesome?