Aww man! Another weblog? Ugh, I hope the Internet gets full soon.

Whew... it's been a busy season.

May 24, 2017

I've been pretty busy with my full-time job recently. We just finished a major (major) release, and I was also working on a special, out-of-band, side project. That project just wrapped up but has since encountered an extreme complication, and I've had to back out hundreds of files/changes/man-hours worth of work until I can fabricate a solution. Yay for source control! :-/

I've also been coaching football (American rules (as in, American-rules football, not "America rules!" (which, by coincidence, it does))) for my two boys. They had a great season. Both of them went to the semi-finals in the playoffs, but then lost in the same week. I'm super proud of them. They worked hard, they hustled, and they did what their coaches asked of them. Go Lehi Pioneers!

Now that I have some of my night and weekend time back, I can devote some time again to working on the blog and doing weird, unnatural things to Flare. I've just completed a webinar for MadCap on the subject of using font icons in Flare outputs, specifically Font Awesome icons. Here's the recording. I'll put up a new blog post with details on how how to get Font Awesome enabled in your project this weekend.

Mike Kelley
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Mike has a love for technology and a strong desire to help others. He is a Certified MadCap Advanced Developer for Flare and loves being able to share his knowledge and experience with others on the MadCap forums and LinkedIn groups. By combining his technical expertise with his writing skills, Mike can develop clever and elegant solutions for any documentation project.