Sometimes people say something about me

Mike is an extremely talented technical writer and information developer. This is evident in the content he produces. It is also important to point out that Mike is an expert user of various tools, including MadCap Flare. He loves to roll up his sleeves, dig into code, and make Flare absolutely sing in ways you never knew it could. He also has an amazing ability to train and educate writers on all the amazing things MadCap Flare can do, and is always eager to pass on tips and tricks. He is someone that can hit the ground running, and someone that can quickly take your documentation projects to the next level.

Jennifer Morse – Product Evangelist

I've worked with Mike Kelley for the last year and he has been a great partner. Mike is very thoughtful and thorough and really takes the time to understand the true customer need. Mike is innovative and treats challenges as opportunities to find a better way. In the last 6 months Mike has used this approach to positively impact the way our customers access product information making it much easier and more intuitive for a variety of customer personas to find the information they need for their specific role.

Mike Harwell – Principal Product Manager

I have worked with Mike for a couple of years now on a number of GTM projects and have been impressed with his technical writing skill, attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to the project deadlines. He is an amazing technical writer, with a passion for improving the customer experience, and always delivers above and beyond expectations. Mike is an excellent asset to any organization.

Ryan Nelson – Partner Manager

Feedback about my Presentations

Feedback on my MadWorld presentations as well as webinars I've given
All feedback was anonymous

MadWorld 2017

Mike blew me away. He is passionate about CSS, knows his stuff inside out, and is an articulate speaker who also shares his wonderful personality with the audience. Great job Mike.

Session - Is Your CSS WET or DRY? The Importance of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) CSS

4.85 / 5 - aggregation of anonymous ratings
BEST presentation so far. Mike proposed a completely new approach to organizing your CSS. I'm certainly going to do more research on DRY and see if it makes sense to apply to my project.
This session fit in well with other content on CSS that MadCap has offered recently that I've found very educational. The presenter was both knowledgeable and engaging.

Session - Upgrade Your Archaic Image Maps to Modern, Sexy, Hover Maps!

4.92 / 5 - aggregation of anonymous ratings
Fabulous! I can't wait to add this to my projects!
This is awesome Mike! Can't wait to try this out in my projects!
It was great to see hover maps and think of the possibilities of where to include them in the documentation I write. It was very helpful to watch and follow along with Mike as he demonstrated the hover map generator he created.
Mike Kelley is the best! Funny AND informative!

Advanced Workshop - Using CSS to Design Elegant Solutions to Everyday HTML Problems

4.92 / 5 - aggregation of anonymous ratings
Excellent and informative!!
Excellent session. I learned a lot. You've been a great resource over the years and certainly didn't disappoint this time. You rock!
Pretty damn good.
Great content! I could easily go to an all-day session on this, and Mike is a great speaker who does a great job of making a somewhat dry subject funny and interesting
Mike explained CSS selectors and properties really well. He also kept the session lively by making jokes and interacting with the audience.