Hover map Generator

The transcendent replacement for image maps. Y'know, that Web technology that hasn't changed since inception 20 years ago?

I've finally got my Hover Map Generator updated and converted to an online format. You might encounter occasional... <features>. If you come across anything unusual or if you want to request some more features, be sure to leave a comment below.

Don't know what a hover map is? Check it out in action! For instructions on using the generator or how to implement hover maps into Flare, see the blog post.

You can download a small sample project that contains a working hover map.

Download sample project!

Known Issues:

  • Switching tabs will scroll the page (annoyingly) Fixed
  • Circular hot spots in the "Add hot spots" tab don't show as circles unless you go to the "Preview" tab and then go back to "Add hot spots"

Select an image you want to draw hotspots on and turn into a hover map.

  • Name this hover map. No spaces or special characters allowed. Once a hotspot is added, the name cannot be modified.
  • What would you like the border settings of your hotspots to be?

    Border size Border style Border color

CSS code

Copy this CSS code into the hovermapHotspots.css file in your project.


HTML code

Copy this HTML code into the topic where you want the hover map to appear. Make sure to put meaningful information into the imageMapPop divs.


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